LA Alumni Board member Brothers Delmont Neal, chairman of the Pancake Breakfast Committee sat prominently at a table, a few feet inside the Kappa Kastle and greeted patrons on the bright and flawless morning of March 26, 2016 as LA Alumni held it’s annual Pancake Breakfast. The yearly event is the main fundraiser to support the up-keep and maintenance of the legendary Kappa Kastle was as robust and fun as usual.  The patio served as the pancake production area and Brothers Delmont Neal (818-633-4272), and Bowman manned the grills initially, concentrating hard to produce the golden brown cakes that are the feature of the breakfast. Many other brothers filled in the various roles necessary to serve the patrons their breakfast and of course they had fun and bonded during the day.  “This is my first pancake breakfast and I am having a ball. It’s always good to hang out with brothers especially for a worthy cause,” said brother Stanley Moore.



  • Save the Date for next year’s Pancake Breakfast March 2016.