Committee Chairman Marc Alexander


The Ravens and the 49ers weren’t the only players who made Super Bowl Sunday memorable. The L.A. Alumni Kappa Kastle was also witness to a landmark event. Brothers from the chapter undertook and executed a raucous well-received party centered around the penultimate game of the N.F.L. season. The day was made even more auspicious because of the two Nupes playing significant roles on both sides of the field. Brother’s Colin Kapernick, quarterback of the 49ers and brother Jim Caldwell, offensive coordinator of the Ravens respectively, both had hands in making the game one of the best in Super Bowl history. In the Kastle, one hundred plus people from all over the Los Angeles area turned the historic environs into the perfect place to enjoy great food, drink, and socializing. Highlights of the day included a chili cook-off won by Elder Watson Diggs Awardee, Rhen Bass and Chapter Reporter, Marc Alexander, a raffle where the prize was an exquisite BCBG designer handbag, and lively trash talk between fans of both teams. Chapter Polemarch, James Batiste was particularly funny and vociferous in his support of the Ravens and left the Kastle, hoarse but happy. On exit, all attendees did not leave before saying how glad they were that they came and looked forward to the party for next year.