The Los Angeles Alumni Chapter initiated its Housing Program in 1948. The name given to the housing corporation was Kappa Alpha Psi Housing Commission of Los Angeles. Under the leadership of Alumni Polemarch Robert F. Green with support from Upsilon and Beta Omega Chapters, sufficient funds were raised to make a down payment on property at 2014 South Harvard Boulevard. The Kappa Kastle became the social center for brothers and community members. Social and entertainment events were chaperoned by Brothers John W. Redfud, Joseph W. Walker (House Chairman), Orlando Flowers, Bernard Johnson, Junius Covington, Lamar Shipp, Felix Pullum, Henry Grayson sr., Edgar H. Bishop, E. Sneed, Joseph Boyd, Gilbert Jones, Morris T. Haydel, C. Webb, John A. Merrill, James Clark Sr., Leonus T. Batiste Jr., David Caldwell, and many others. The Los Angeles Kappa House became known throughout the country.


In 1957, The California Highway Department, through Eminent Domain, purchased the Kappa Kastle on Harvard Boulevard to make room for the Santa Monica Freeway, which was soon to be constructed. From the funds earned from this sale, the Kappa house at 1846 Crenshaw Boulevard was purchased September 25, 1961.


The housing program has always been a top priority. Brother Robert F. Green provided strong leadership to the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter so that the Kappa Kastle would always be well maintained. The chapter Polemarchs who followed Brother Green, Edgar H. Bishop, Randall C. Bacon, Wilford Smith, Burnell E. Hayes, Dr. Harold Harvey, Carlton Blanton, Dr. Peter Butler Jr., and William F. Ellis continue to give top priority to the maintenance/refurbishment of the Kappa Kastle.


Brother Harold Harvey, on two occasions, defrayed all expenses to redecorate the interior of the Alumni room. Brother Emmit Wyndon paid for the installation of the KAY sign on front of the Kastle.


Brother Lawrence A. Smith Jr., is to be especially commended for the energy, time, expertise, and commitment that he has given to the refurbishment of the Kappa Kastle.


The Los Angeles Alumni Chapter paid off the mortgage of the Kastle in April 1981.


In 1996 brothers of the chapter voluntarily made financial donations, which were used to purchase the house at 1852 Crenshaw Boulevard, immediately south of the Kappa Kastle. Currently the house is rented out to tenants but plans are in the work to turn the property into a much-needed community center.