The Brothers of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter would like you to:

Come Back to the Bond


Our fundamental purpose and goals have not changed. We are still very focused on Achievement, and raising the sights of black youth and stimulating them to accomplishments higher than might otherwise be realized or even imagined.

Each year, Los Angeles Alumni moves closer to the day when reclamation is not a separate endeavor, but an ongoing consideration that permeates every aspect of our programs and activities. Recognition is given to members who give their time to the fraternity in the form of awards, recognition at the regular meetings, and in articles submitted to the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal.

If you have been away from the Bond, desiring a chapter to call home and live in the Los Angeles Area, the brothers of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter encourage and welcome all long lost members of the our Noble Klan to become active members of the chapter. We’ll take care of checking your status with IHQ and handling all of the necessary paperwork for you.

Just complete the reclamation form or e-mail us @:



Please include in your e-mail:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Postal Address
  • Your Home Phone
  • Your Chapter of Initiation
  • Your Year of Initiation
  • Your Membership Number


In either event, a Brother from the chapter will contact you and we will take care of the rest.
So, Come Back Brother, to the Bond.

Reclamation Form Click here to download